HTGS Mission Statement

The members of The Hindu Temple of Greater Springfield (HTGS) sincerely believe in the teachings of the Hindu philosophy based on 'Sanathana Dharma' (Ageless Wisdom) of the Hindu religion whose tenets are Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct, and Non-violence. HTGS mission is to preserve and promote the Hindu Religion, culture and philosophy.


  • To conduct daily worship services to Hindu Gods and spiritual masters in accordance with traditional Hindu rituals and customs.
  • To conduct religious education classes, study circles, discourses, celebration of Hindu festivals and religious activities, and cultural events.
  • To engage in various community service activities to serve the needy and elderly as part of religious duty.
  • To enhance pride in Hindu Religion for present and future generations.
  • To promote understanding and respect for Hindu philosophy.

Mailing Address

  • Temple Address: 1001 West Walnut Street, Chatham, IL 62629.


  • 217-697-8174.